Our driving school is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer third-party road skills tests.

The DPS Road Skills Test will be conducted by a state-certified examiner at Corpus Christi Driving School. The test will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. To obtain your actual driver's license card, you will still have to appear in person at a Department of Public Safety Office location.

  • Road Test

    Avoid the long wait for a driving test at the Texas DPS and take your road test at our driving school using one of our vehicles. We can administer the driving test no matter where you took driver education. Must have a valid learner's permit to be eligible for the road test. Should you fail your first attempt, you can reschedule up to three times on different days.

    You are eligible for a TEEN Road test if you:

    • are age 16 to 18
    • completed driver education, including classroom and behind-the-wheel (with a driving school or approved parent taught program)
    • completed 30 additional hours of practice
    • held a valid Texas Learner's License (permit) for six months or longer
    • watched the 2 Hours Impact Teen Video

    You are eligible for an ADULT Road test if you:

    • are age 18 or older
    • have a Texas Learner's License (permit) or Texas Restricted License
    • completed a 6-hour adult driver education course (only required for ages of 18-25)
    • wtached the 1 Hour IMPACT Video for Adults