Learn to drive at our driving school in Corpus Christi (C2340).

We offer a complete package for driver education that includes a Texas driver's license course and behind-the-wheel driving lessons. Our professional, certified instructors and examiners will guide you through the process of obtaining your driver's license:

  1. Obtain your permit
  2. Complete a driver education course
  3. Complete your behind-the-wheel instructional drives
  4. Take the state knowledge and skills tests

Learn to drive from a state-certified driving instructor who is patient and experienced at teaching teens how to drive. All of our instructors have completed extensive background checks and driver training. They ensure that students of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds feel comfortable with their teaching style. You'll receive a variety of driving experiences, providing opportunities to build confidence while developing safe and strong skill sets.

A family business creating safe drivers since 2007.

Corpus Christi Driving School opened its doors in 2007 by residents Appy and Florinda Carrión and has been creating safe drivers ever since. Appy and Florinda always dreamed of owning their own driving school business after retiring from school administration.

In 2015, David "Coach" Perrone joined Corpus Christi Driving School as a driving instructor. He and his wife, Sara Carrión Perrone, took over the family business in the summer of 2023. Coach Perrone and Sara continue the Corpus Christi Driving School philosophy and family tradition of creating safe drivers. Corpus Christi Driving School remains a family business and will continue to reinvest time, talent, and treasure in the community.